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Politics, History and Academic Cooperation

Posted 29/6/2015

I thank Francesca Bray, Shervin Faridnejad and all friends on Facebook wo so far contributed to this website. With cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural cooperation this website cannot flourish. Today, I received the first entry for the blog. I am very grateful that Mercedes García-Arenal allowed me to publish her description of a workshop she did in Madrid on translations of sacred texts on the Iberian Peninsula.


During the last months, political adventures have increased the dangers for all of us, not merely for the people who die in the Middle East and the Ukraine thanks to the unlimited greed of international corporations, the desire of the arms industry to sell their weapons in ever growing numbers, the corrupt inclusion of politicians from all camps into lobbies, 'friendship' committees and think tanks and misguided young men who believe it is in their right and power to interpret God's will on earth and force everybody who has the misfortune to fall into their hands to live according to their dictate.


Thanks to all those criminals and the silence of us we are now living on the Vesuvius short before its outbreak. Do we really all are so disinterested in our own survival that we close our eyes and shut our mouths and let them do to us what they want?!


I decided to engage in local and other forms of politics trying to become a more responsible citizen of the world than before. I work now in the little town where I live in a small group for support of the refugees who live here. I joined an Italian colleague of mine in an organization for helping to save the refugees crossing the Mediterranean. Today, receiving an email from scientists for peace on the 60s anniversary of the Einstein-Russell declaration for peace and against nuclear weapons, I decided to join them in their struggle against a new nuclear arms race and the increasing danger of a war by NATO against Russia. Where is Greece and her people in all this? With grief and sadness, I sign one petition after the other against the politics of Schäuble, Merkel, Junckers, Lagarde and all the other irresponsible politicians and financial blackmailers of an entire population. It is a shame how they ruined the small country profiting in unbelievable numbers (2.5 billions alone for the IMF) from the debt policies that they enforced on Greece. This all is uncontrolled, untamed capitalism at its worth. The only difference to the wars of the 19th and 20th centuries will be that in all likelihood it will be the last world war humans ever will launch and loose.


Why do I write about all this on this website? I do not know anymore whether a project like this one makes sense. Nonetheless I pretend that we are not one step away from an abyss of no return. I try to keep my hope that things will not go the course I see.

Doing this website is one way to keep me sane.


Sonja Brentjes

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